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About the GPS Innovation Alliance

The GPS Innovation Alliance recognizes the ever increasing importance of Global Positioning System (GPS) and other Global Navigation Satellite System technologies to the global economy and infrastructure and is firmly committed to furthering GPS innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The GPS Innovation Alliance seeks to protect, promote and enhance the use of GPS.

Members and affiliates of the GPS Innovation Alliance are drawn from a wide variety of fields and businesses reliant on GPS. These include manufacturing, aviation, agriculture, construction, transportation, first responders, surveying and mapping. Still others are organizations representing consumers who depend on GPS for boating and other outdoor activities, and in their automobiles, smart phones and tablets.

The GPS Innovation Alliance strives to inform policymakers and GPS users about the centrality of GPS in our nation's economy. GPS is a highly innovative, successful and increasingly ubiquitous technology that is critical to the smart infrastructure, services and applications of today, tomorrow and decades to come.

The GPS Innovation Alliance is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and welcomes affiliates who wish to help protect, promote and further enhance one of the world's most important enabling technologies — technologies that improve the lives of people around the globe. Information on Alliance memberships is still being developed and will be posted here once it is available.

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