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(Huge!) Economic Benefits from GPS and other GNSS Satellite Constellations

Dozens of industry, government, and government-sponsored reports have estimated the economic benefits realized from GPS and other GNSS. The following links represent a small sample of the available reports: 

EO and GNSS Market Report January 2024

2021 & 2022 State of the Canadian Space Sector Report 2023

The GPS Playbook Report, by Space Capital and Silicon Valley Bank March 28, 2022

Economic Benefits of the the Global Positioning System (GPS) June 2019

Economic impact to the UK of a disruption to GNSS April 2017

Benefits of the New GPS Civil Signal: The L2C Study by Irving Leveson, Inside GNSS July/Aug 2006

Related Spectrum Law and Policy

47 CFR Chapter 2 Subchapter B Part 25 Satellite Communications

Modernizing United States Spectrum Policy and Establishing a National Spectrum Strategy November 13, 2023

National Spectrum Strategy November 13, 2023

Other Documents
GPSIA letter to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine regarding technical information for evaluation
Alliance submits im
portant technical information and conclusions about the impact that Ligado’s operations will have on the day-to-day operation of GPS devices in the U.S. November 2021

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