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VIEWPOINT: Answering the Call for Greater GPS Resiliency

The following is an excerpt of an op-ed from GPSIA Executive Director, J. David Grossman. It was published on May 27, 2020 by National Defense Magazine.

VIEWPOINT: Answering the Call for Greater GPS Resiliency J. David Grossman, GPS Innovation Alliance

The story of Global Positioning System is uniquely American. Developed by the Air Force, now four decades ago, the GPS program represents one of the finest examples of U.S. innovation and ingenuity.

It demonstrates the significant benefits of government investment in research and development - and by allowing for the commercialization of GPS technology, we have seen more than $1.4 trillion in economic impact, the creation of millions of jobs, and the birth of countless new businesses.

It was, therefore, surprising to read a recent op-ed, “GPS III: Misleading Sound Bites Harm Nation in the May 2020 issue of National Defense by Dr. Gene McCall, a former chief scientist for Air Force Space Command, in which he describes GPS as “fatally flawed” and recent improvements of GPS “misleading.”

To read the full piece, click here.



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